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Preparing your business for sale

When preparing your gym, leisure centre, hairdressers or barbershop for sale, you will need to ensure that it is presented in the best possible condition to maximise sale value. Conducting a review of your business to identify inefficiencies can help establish a plan of action that can streamline company operations and improve efficiency.

Carrying out seller due diligence is vital as it can verify the background of interested buyers to ensure they are legitimate and erase any uncertainty. Due diligence consists of delving into the financial history of the individual, ensuring they have acted professionally with previous business interests.

  • Company background, target audience and reason for sale, i.e. retirement
  • Financial position, turnover, net profit, assets, and liabilities
  • Operational structure, procurement methods and ongoing contracts
  • Growth potential, projected turnover and financial targets
  • Employee structure and contracts
  • Sale price and desired date of completion

In addition to conducting due diligence, proper record keeping, and bookkeeping can reflect on your professionalism and the organisational standards adhered to by the business. A financial summary will be required by prospective buyers during the early stages of the business sale journey to assess the health of the business. Failure to have such information to hand could delay the business sale journey and paint your business as inefficient and unorganised.

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